Saturday, 10 August 2013

Summer sewing and days out!

I keep promising myself that I'm going to blog more but life just seems to get in the way!

I've been trying to get a little more sewing done lately and made Rosie a pretty little dress from a pattern I got from jaycotts. I was quite pleased with the outcome. I will take some better pictures eventually but here it is shortly after being made!

Also in between working I'm trying to take advantage of local attractions that I often forget about. About 10 minutes away is a beautiful grand hall called Gregynog. I have many memories of visiting here as a child, so thought I'd take my girly and mum in law (ish) and create some new memories!

Something is clearly fascinating Rosie by her feet!

Also we have been taking many walks around our local area and around my parents farm, my childhood home. I so want Rosie to have a upbringing similar to mine, easy, free and in the beautiful countryside, my dream to move back to the country is getting closer and closer! 

We also visited the lovely beach of aberdovey for some antics in the sun, sand and sea! 

Ahh the British summer, so far has been surprisingly lovely, lets hope it continues! 

Enjoy kellye x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Growing, going, flowing :-)

Well life seems to be going by so fast, I barely have time to breathe before its time for bed (a toddler that still wakes numerous times during the night means little sleep) and then a new busy day again!

Everything's growing, including my beautiful girly Rosie <3

Here she is a few weeks ago with her buddy murphy, my parents blue merl sheepdog at their farm :-)

Cheeky face!!!

Also growing is my garden, this year is the first year in our new house growing things in quantity, last year I was recovering from a c-section, getting to grips with a new baby (with heart complications) helping out my family after mum had emergency open heart surgery and loosing two of the most special people in my life within 10 days of each other, my Nanna and George. I didn't care what happened in my garden.

But this year I have grown a bit, not enough but I didn't know how much time I would get to work out in the garden, but I use the evenings and time with the little one in the garden to potter about its bliss!! Next year we will be having big raised beds down at the bottom of our garden so I can grow more, I'm already excited about it!

We have potatoes, peas, runner beans, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, spring onions and more, yum yum, can't wait to eat it all!

And I'm still managing to sew a bit here and there! 

May bee block. I'm a bit behind oops! I'm hoping to get more done now, all my stuff is finally in this house and I have my little area ready to go, sew sew sew! 

:-) enjoy, kellye x

Monday, 27 May 2013

Baking, cooking, making!

Getting stuff done.. Some days it feels like I'm wading through sand trying to get things done, other days I seem to fly through all my jobs and get stuff done! 

Trying to find balance isn't always easy but life is good, we are all healthy and happy and getting on with life, what more can you ask for? 

Kellye xxx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My blog is so neglected :-(

I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this or not but this is my apology. Since before Christmas we have been suffering with flu and colds, ear infections also a trip to hospital with our daughter, then I got shingles, my daughter caught chicken pox from me and cut a tooth at the same time. So trying to work, actually get some sleep and do the day to day things in life means I have done little sewing. This makes me sad, I love sewing. So I'm finally catching up with things, bee blocks, things that need fixing, WIPS. I'm getting there slowly. Sorry x

So this is not text only, some bee blocks from the anything goes quilt bee!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bee block and hoop la la swap!

A quick post from me,

Here is my october bee block for the anything goes quilt bee, rather late as I had sewing machine tension issues, but here are my two friendship star blocks!

I have also taken part in round one of the Hoop La La swap and this was my hoop to my partner Angela, its zakka style pockets, with some freehand embroidery. She asked me to consider that she liked linen and blues! It has received great comments and my partner loves it so I am happy!

I received a beautiful hoop for Rosie, I asked for something suitable for a little girls room and will try and post pictures of it up on her wall asap! It's gorgeous!


Friday, 9 November 2012

Malvern, Quilts uk goodies!!

We recently visited Quilts UK in Malvern, which we had previously missed in the spring due to the arrival of my darling Rosie not long before, and my lovely mum's heart surgery (including major emergency open heart surgery due to her heart being punctured accidently) falling on the day we had tickets for! Mum is much better now, she's not totally recovered but getting there, I am so glad she's ok, my mum is my best friend, my inspiration, my mentor, I couldn't imagine life without her :-)

So off we went armed with baby, pram and multiple supplies for our day out! Again I cleverly forgot to take my camera to capture some of the incredible quilts displayed, but once home I decided to photograph my stash from the day, I didn't actually buy what I planned, but hey ho!

Some Tula Pink

Various fat quarters.

A lovely halloween bunting panel, I didn't make this up in time, but hopefully for next halloween ;-)

A lovely bundle of sample pieces, all of these cost me a bargainous £15.00, super pleased with my haul!

Now I really should stop buying, and start making! Watch this space!

Kellye x

Local Quilt Shows..

I've recently attended a few local quilt shows, My little one Rosie has been joining myself and my mum too, never to young to start quilting hey!

I cleverly forgot to take photographs of them all except our own little quilt show at abermule at which I was helping for a few hours on one of the days! I haven't actually attended our group much since having Rosie, its in the evening which makes it difficult, although we have one afternoon session a month, which I occasionally take Rosie to!

The view from our sales table!

The huge wall hanging we made for Abermule school.

My dresden plate.

 This was the charity quilt our group made, using patchwork fabrics donated by a member of our groups family when she sadly passed away. This will be raffled in the future!

I quilted the whole quilt on our frame, with a stipple/vermicelli pattern freehand.

That's my Amy Butler quilt peeping out there!

My lovely black and white quilt, mum patched for christmas and I quilted!

Mum's quilt!
Kellye x